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Sarah Powers Webb

Educator * Writer * Researcher   

Encouraging curiosity in students of all ages! 



Blog 1 Introduction

Posted on 9 September, 2013 at 16:55

 It all started with 3 blurbs from the Frederick News Post inthe space of 3 weeks. 

  photo Sept31912_zpsdb99b95c.jpg

Image courtesy of the Frederick News Post

I think I actually laughed out loud. Then a few days later:

 photo Sept91912_zpsf17d4967.jpg

Image courtesy of the Frederick News Post

Indeed! I wonder if Mrs. Davis found out how he felt abouther from the paper?!   Then:

 photo Sept161912_zps82691ca3.jpg

Image courtesy of the Frederick News Post


     Ha!  This guy has some gumption!  Seriously… after 3 blurbs I wanted to know “Who IS this guy?  Who is JOHN TROUT?  Why in the world was he looking for a wife in the paper?” And “Really, this is 1912??” I was consumed with wanting to know more about him!

      Let me just say I am an avid family historian, affectionately referred to as a “nerd” by my co-workers for my constant interest in ancestry.  At least, I think it’s affectionate (?)  My favorite TV show is “Who Do You Think You Are?”, and I won’t make plans if that show is on.  So….off to the Maryland Room I went to look at original copies of the articles.  I had to find out more about this guy.

      This blog will explore my discoveries as I go.  Let me say upfront that I am an amateur and an enthusiast.   My research on John Trout is a work in progress.   I am constantly learning something new about history, about how to locate historical records, and I love finding out more about Frederick County.  When I told my husband what I was up to, he calmly asked, “So you’re not related to this guy at ALL?”  And … the answer is no, I’m not.

     After my weekend excursion to the Maryland Room, I excitedly shared my discoveries with my co-workers over lunch.  One of my co-workers asked the familiar question “Are you related to him?”, and teasingly said I need a t-shirt.  The “i HEART john trout” t-shirt.

     This blog is named in honor of her joke, so there.   I’m proud to be a nerd.

     Sometimes stories just grip you, and for some reason John Trout got my attention.  Just from my preliminary findings I won’t be disappointed. He has quite a story.




Categories: John Andrew Trout, Civil War, Family History

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