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Sarah Powers Webb

Educator * Writer * Researcher   

Encouraging curiosity in students of all ages! 

"The important thing is 

to not stop questioning."

Albert Einstein

What inspires me?

Students do! It's hard not to be inspired by their natural wonder and the myriad of Why? questions! I've always told my students I don't have all the answers, but that I love to find out! Like my students, there are many topics I love to ask "Why?" about!


For a complete list or sample, please contact me.

When They Came: A Chronology of North American Explorers

A chronological look at some key explorers to North America 1492-1700.

Capstone Publishing, Fall 2016. Grades 3-6.

The American Revolution

A book exploring the key events and battles of the Revolutionary War.

Capstone Publishing, January 2016. Grades 3-6.

Marie Antoinette: Fashionable Queen or Greedy Royal?

A book exploring the controversial life of Marie Antoinette.

Published by Capstone Publishing, December 2014.

Grades 3-6.